Security Field Day 7 - Details

I attended a very valuable and unique tech conference called "Security Field Day," put on by Gestalt IT. Read on to learn a little more about the event.

Security Field Day

Gestalt IT’s Security Field Day 7 event was held this past week, March 23–25, 2022, in San Jose, California. Gestalt IT is a content creation company focused on what’s new in the information technology industry. A Field Day event is an opportunity for technology vendors and independent tech experts and influencers (who Gestalt calls "delegates") to get together and discuss products and strategies that align with the specific Field Day focus. To that end, there are many types of Tech Field Day events that Gestalt hosts, with disciplinary focuses from Networking to Storage to AI, and of course, Security.

More details, including recordings of the sessions, are available at as well as through searching the event’s twitter hashtag, #XFD7.